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Ceremonial Grade Matcha Bag

  • $89.00

This 100g supply of Ceremonial Grade matcha powder is equivalent to 3 matcha tins + 10 FREE matcha servings!

Made of 100% pure tea leaf & ideal for drinking, the delicate blend of rich flavors and earthy tones in this matcha makes it worthy of traditional Japanese tea ceremonies. Perfect for whisking hot or shaking cold.  100g = 100 Drinks.


Founders Dave and Jess are especially proud of PANATEA's rigorous quality control process. Only the youngest, first harvest leaves are chosen for PANATEA's Ceremonial Grade Matcha, ensuring the prized richness of flavor and high nutrient content for maximum health benefits. Every batch of matcha is tested and analyzed for quality control purposes before processing. PANATEA stands by the high standard of our matcha with a money-back guarantee of quality.

Care Notes
  • Store in refrigerator upon opening.
  • Ensure that bag is closed tightly after each use to prevent any moisture from entering.
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