Our Brand | PANATEA

PANATEA is a health and lifestyle-driven matcha green tea company, and the gold standard for premium Japanese matcha. We venture to create a modern approach to an ancient tradition—one moment at a time.


The name PANATEA (pan-uh-tea-uh) is derived from “panacea”–a remedy, elixir or cure-all. Its fusion with “tea” was conceived to represent matchaʼs nutritious and life-enhancing qualities. After all, matcha IS nature’s panacea.


PANATĒA is committed to starting a matcha movement by spreading awareness and building a community. While the movement is grounded in matcha (pun intended), it inspires so much more–a healthier and more meaningful life.


With a modern approach to an ancient tradition, PANATEA provides a healthy moment to reflect and recharge … A Ritual For Life. The essence of PANATEA lives in the moment before the moment. The moment of preparation before stepping into the day, onto the stage or inside the arena. The observance of the self within a world of distraction. The matcha moment.