Matcha Green Tea Grade Comparison | PANATEA

Whether you’re in the mood to sip up (Ceremonial) or mix up (Culinary), PANATEA matcha is meant to be part of your daily routine. Here’s a breakdown of why we now offer both grades!

Ceremonial Grade Matcha & Culinary Grade Matcha

In summary

Ceremonial Grade
Ceremonial Grade
Culinary Grade
Culinary Grade
  • Sip up!
  • Tea by itself.
  • Shop
  • Mix up!
  • Ingredient with others.
  • Shop

If you’re interested in learning more...

Ceremonial Grade Culinary Grade
Use Whisk hot or shake cold, with a single beverage (water, lemonade and milk). Blend, bake, cook or sprinkle as an ingredient (smoothies, sweet treats and savory snacks).
Quality Highest quality, worthy of traditional Japanese tea ceremonies. Premium quality, blended specifically for versatility in the kitchen.
Flavor Delicate, yet rich, with a touch of sweetness. Stands well on its own, but overpowered when mixed with too many other flavors. Strong and robust. Distinct flavor remains true when other flavors are mixed alongside it.
*NOT meant for sipping.
Made from The youngest and finest leaves only. A variety of more mature leaves.
Color Vibrant green. Lighter green.
Learn Easy how-to videos. Delicious recipes.
Health Benefits
  • Highest Quality = Most Nutritionally Dense
  • Antioxidant Activity
  • Metabolism Support
  • Energy & Alertness
  • Slightly More Amino Acids
  • Antioxidant Activity
  • Metabolism Support
  • Energy & Alertness
  • Black Label:
  • 30g tin ($39)
  • 100g bag ($100)
  • White Label:
  • 80g tin ($35)
  • Less expensive no matter how you slice it ;)
Founders’ Favorites
  • Dave: Straight up, hot.
  • Jess: Straight up, iced...with a drop of honey.
  • Dave: Matcha smoothie with bananas and almond butter.
  • Jess: Matcha pancakes or popsicles.

Important Note: Both grades of PANATEA matcha are 100% pure leaf, providing 100% nutrition and 100% natural energy, with NO additives. They are shaded and picked from the same tea fields in Nishio, Japan, where they are then steamed, dried and granite ground into fine powder. Both grades are meant for everyday use, allowing more ways for matcha to be incorporated into daily routines.