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Bulletproof Matcha

David Asprey is the leading man behind the inventive Bulletproof Coffee. Asprey boasts his concoction of high quality coffee, grass-fed butter, and brain octane oil raised his IQ by 12 points, got his body lean, and made him reach a “state of high performance every single day.” Reason? Grass-fed butter is full of high quality fats and nutrients, including omega-3 fatty acids, CLA, beta-carotene, antioxidants, vitamins A, K, D, and E, and butyrate.

Combining these ingredients with coffee is an awesome way to start the day, but why not mix it up and substitute coffee with a superfood? Enter bulletproof matcha! 

Bulletproof matcha will transform not only your morning routine but also your health. Using matcha in this recipe takes Bulletproof to the next level, since matcha has more antioxidants and a non-jittery, longer-lasting caffeine high than coffee. Our Bulletproof matcha recipes uses the same ingredients as the original: grass-fed ghee or butter, Bulletproof MCT oil, but with matcha!


Bulletproof Matcha


1 scoop of PANATEA ceremonial or culinary matcha

1 1/2 teaspoon MCT oil

1 tablespoon grass-fed butter*

3 ounces of hot water

*or substitute 1 tablespoon of coconut cream



1. In bowl, whisk matcha with 2 ounces of hot water until desired amount of frothiness

2. Add the grass-fed butter and continue to whisk

3. Add MCT oil

4. Whisk until drink is fully mixed and then add remaining amount of water and enjoy!