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We all know the value of getting enough hours of zzzz's per night, but even when we set aside the time, sometimes those 8-9 hours just aren’t rejuvenating. Getting the time to sleep is just one half of the battle; falling and staying asleep is a whole different one. So what can you do??? We’ve put together a list of a few tips below to help you get that beauty sleep.

Skip the nightcap

If you want a great night's sleep, go easy on the alcohol. A drink can make it feel easier to fall asleep, but you’re more likely to wake up frequently as your buzz wears off.

Lower the temperature

Our body temperature fluctuates during the day, and this has a lot to do with our bodies’ sleep cycle. Your body temperature should be on the low side around when you aim to fall asleep, continuing to drop until it’s time to wake up. So, what does this mean for you? Try lowering the temp in your bedroom at night—most experts agree somewhere around 65 degrees is perfect sleep weather.

Lights out

Lack of light signals to our brain to start producing melatonin, the hormone that encourages us to get to sleep. Try dimming the lights an hour before bed and putting your phone and other electronics with those nasty blue lights out of sight!

Don't hit snooze

It might feel good to hit the snooze button, but you aren't getting high quality sleep in between alarms. The snooze button often disturbs REM sleep, which can make us feel groggier than when we get quality sleep. Setting the alarm for a slightly later time and skipping the snooze setting will feel better.

Fluff those pillows

If your mattress and pillows don’t feel right, it’s probably time for a replacement. Suggested time limits on replacement can be arbitrary, so we suggest leaving it up to your body to decide when you need a brand new pillow :) 

Keep it clean

You know it, so we’re just going to say it: clutter can make you anxious, so clean up your room. Find a detergent scent you love (like a soothing lavender) and wash your sheets weekly (so often, we know, but it’s worth it!) for an even better night’s sleep!

Cut of the caffeine

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with a little caffeine consumption, but setting a time limit is not a bad idea. Caffeine affects people differently, so you may have to stop at noon or you might continue sipping on a latte until 7pm, but we suggest having one cup of coffee per day max and getting the rest of your caffeine fix with matcha (if not making the swap altogether). Because it's lower in caffeine, matcha is less likely to keep you up at night and doesn't trigger anxiety-inducing cortisol production (unlike coffee). Translation: you won’t lie awake at night but can still have a productive day.

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