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Remember when ordering a latte meant just the brown bean variety?! Now it seems like genius baristas are inventing a new colorful superfood latte every day, and we want to try them all!

Here's a run-down of the prettiest new latte creations: 

Whether you want to call it a unicorn or smurf latte, spirulina (blue-green algae) adds health benefits and a beautiful blue hue to your latte!

Blue Latte

The crystal latte infuses berry tea with crystals and supposedly opens the third eye—who knew?

 Crystal Latte

The dark antithesis of all those blindingly bright lattes, the charcoal latte detoxes your body.

Charcoal Latte 

The beetroot latte counts as a vegetable, right? This drink brings both anti-inflammatory properties and a beautiful pink-red hue to your breakfast table.

 Beetroot Latte

Popular at least in part for its striking gold color, the turmeric latte brings time-tested health benefits to the colorful latte trend.

Turmeric Latte 

Ever thought you'd want to order a potato latte? We didn't either ... until we saw this lovely creation made with a purple sweet potato! 

Purple Potato Latte

And the latte that started it all: matcha! It's still our favorite for obvious reasons :) You can't go wrong with clean green energy!

Matcha Latte


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