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So honored to be among the first 9 companies awarded Good Housekeeping’s Nutritionist Approved Emblem!

GH Emblem

After rigorous evaluation, Good Housekeeping nutritionists and dietitians commended PANATEA for bringing “simplicity, transparency and innovation” to the food industry. In particular, our Instant Matcha was recognized for making it easy to incorporate a nutritious energy-boost into busy lives.

We know you’ve heard of Good Housekeeping before, but here’s the recap: they’ve been supporting great consumer brands with their seal of approval since 1909. This month they launched the GH Food and Nutrition Lab Incubator, which evaluates new and existing food products. This program, and the Emblem approval process, is lead by GH Nutrition Director and Registered Dietitian (RD) Jaclyn London, whose primary goal is to help consumers make simpler and more informed food choices that inspire healthier eating habits.

Here’s what the respected team over at Good Housekeeping says about us:

PANATEA has tapped into the latest trend that's taking the beverage industry by storm -- matcha -- but their brand's mission -- finding time in your otherwise hectic day for a "Zen moment," is unique in its accessibility and relatability. Their latest innovation, instant matcha packs, help consumers stay present, mindful, and energized on-the-go -- without use of added sugar.

Here’s what we say about them:

Thanks so matcha!

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