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In 2014, PANATEA traveled across Japan on a mission to find the most sublime and exquisite matcha. After an exhaustive search with our traditional tea master Souheki and trying countless different varieties, our founders Dave and Jess finally found the perfect place to source our matcha. With Souheki's help, they developed a special blend of the finest varieties of matcha from several of the premier farms in the Nishio region. 

Nishio is located in the heart of the Aichi Prefecture. Due to its climate, fertile soil and fresh water, Nishio produces tea leaves that are more nutrient filled than tea leaves grown in other regions. Tea was first grown in Nishio in the 1200s and now has a reputation for producing the best matcha tea in Japan.

Check out our video of the production process here!

PANATEA is proud to be a pioneer in bringing Nishio’s premium matcha to the U.S. and providing its consumers with a proprietary blend of the best matcha.

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