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Looking for a magic pill or procedure to help you age well? Doctors say eating the right foods may be a more effective (and safer) solution. Studies have shown that certain foods can actually help to slow and even reverse aspects of the aging process. So which foods can help us turn back the clock? 

Chia Seeds

We could sing the praises of omega-3 fatty acids all day. In the anti-aging category, these helpful nutrients combat inflammation to keep your body looking and feeling young. Look for omega-3s in chia seeds, almonds, olive oil, and fish like tuna and salmon!


We couldn’t have a list of anti-aging foods without mentioning the blueberry. It’s an antioxidant powerhouse that saves cells from premature aging, along with fighting cancer and improving memory.

Goji Berries

Another berry made our list: these red berries have been used in traditional Chinese medicine since around 200 B.C. They are loaded with the pigment beta-carotene, which helps promote healthy skin, and studies suggest they may fight free radical damage from the sun. Plus, goji berries are full of healthy antioxidants, protecting against free radicals and reducing inflammation.


Matcha is a triple-threat in terms of its anti-aging properties— it’s high in antioxidants, fights inflammation, and may give your metabolism a healthy boost. However, not all matcha is created equal: the best premium matcha has more antioxidants than cheap, low quality matcha because of the way it's grown. Make sure you're getting the most anti-aging benefits out of your matcha with PANATEA Ceremonial Grade or Instant Matcha


Broccoli contains nicotinamide mononucleotide (NMN, for short), a substance our bodies produce naturally that combats the aging process, and a little extra anti-aging never hurt. If you’re not a big broccoli fan, you can also get your NMN from edamame, cabbage, and cucumber.


B vitamins, especially niacin (Vitamin B3), give us energy and boost cell metabolism. Look for these vitamins in mushrooms and peanuts!



hummmm, those goji berries, I ate a bunch of them and had a strange, bizarre, funny, can’t even find the correct word to describe the feeling, kind of ‘high’ although different than ever felt_ anyone else have this sensation .is it normal or what’s with the goji’s ?? they were from a good source, dried yet moist_well that could be from the humidity ? thanks, Coco

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