Matcha Green Tea is the New Hangover Cure | PANATEA Blog

Last night got us like whoa! We might have planned on those 10am yoga classes and morning runs over the weekend, but the excitement of Fall had us drowning in pumpkin flavored beer and cocktails. Just kidding, matcha drinkers would never let a hangover stop our flow, and we’re not reaching for bottles of Advil either.

As if matcha didn’t have enough to brag about already, it’s also a great hangover cure. The meeting of superpowers, including caffeine, antioxidants, and chlorophyll are able to bring you back to your best self in no time and studies show that green tea actually has the ability to protect the liver from alcohol. As hydration is key to getting rid of a hangover, our tip is to mix matcha with coconut water, and let the electrolytes do their work. With matcha as your new partner in crime, we’re confident you’ll be early for that workout class and ready to be THE MOVEMENT in the #matchamovement.

Ah we so corny. Ah, Ah, we so corny (so maybe we’re still a little bit hungover ;)

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