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While most of us can agree that matcha is great for you, kale is healthy, and turmeric is kind of a wonder spice, we gotta call out the bizarre wellness trends when we see them. Below we’ve collected some of the weirdest of the weird, all in the name of wellness.

Tree Frog Poison

This trend is definitely one of the more “out there” ways that wellness-chasers have sought to cure addiction, depression, and other illness. The process involves creating small burns on your body and then dabbing with Amazonian tree frog poison (known as kambo) while a shaman mutters words of encouragement. The poison is then absorbed into the blood stream, causing a few moments of euphoria before vomiting begins. Unlike others on this list, kambo has its roots in traditional medicine ... but we still won't be signing up anytime soon! 

The KE Diet

Brace yourselves for this one. KE Dieters use a feeding tube to deliver low-calorie nutrients throughout the day. It’s super drastic, and the weight loss it causes is definitely not sustainable. Medical experts say the diet is super risky both physically and mentally. Hard pass on this one.

Waist Training

Part resurgence of Victorian fashion trends, part trendy diet, waist training has really gained ground, especially in the celebrity Instagram arena. Though not totally risk-free, this trend (in moderation) is pretty innocuous and may train your posture more than your waistline. Party like it’s 1899?

“Smart” Stickers

The treatments and wellness tips that Goop offers up to its readers are often controversial, and the “smart” stickers the website promoted were no exception. These stickers claimed to tap into the body’s natural bio-frequency using a NASA space suit material. Bio-frequency stabilizing or not, NASA asserted that it did not develop the material. In fact, a former chief scientist said of the stickers, “Wow. What a load of BS this is.” Yikes!


It seems wrong to view anything with the word “cigarette” in it as even remotely connected to wellness, but e-cigs seemed quite like the smoking cure-all when they first broke out on the scene. Supported by quite a few studies as the “lesser of two evils” when compared to traditional, tar-containing cigarettes, make no mistake: e-cigs are still bad for you. Reports indicate that they may even introduce younger people to smoking. So, maybe not quite the miracle solution :/


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