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Morning workouts and matcha go together like matcha ice pops and a hot summer day.  Just like matcha, these workouts benefit both the body and mind. In addition to freeing up afternoons, "early morning workouts rev up your metabolism, jumpstart your energy level and accelerate your ability to burn up calories," according to Tina Schmidt-McNulty, exercise physiologist and clinical exercise specialist on staff at Purdue University Calumet's Fitness Center.  Making it to the gym or *gasp* a class before work requires way too much planning ahead and not enough rolling out of bed. Whether crunched for time or on the road, here are some ways to become a matcha master of the morning workout:

Eat Quick & Healthy Snacks

Fueling up before a workout is essential. We love to mix matcha with Harmless Harvest coconut water and pair with a Health Warrior chia bar. Studies show that caffeine intake pre-workout boosts stamina and enhances performance. And as you know, matcha contains 34mg of caffeine per serving (½ the amount of caffeine as an espresso and ⅓ that of a cup of coffee).  Thus, a great source of focused and sustained energy, without the jitters or crash of coffee!

Go for a Run

Summer is suddenly upon us and mornings are longer, lighter, and warmer. No more are we confined to the memberships of our gym, nor the mercy of a waitlisted exercise class. Hit the open road with a pair of trainers + headphones and run to the beat of your own drum. Make a playlist to run to or follow an endorphin pumping playlist we love from the music gurus at Spotify.

Feel the Burn

Barre classes have set the bar high for chiseled, strong and toned muscles. After picking up moves from a studio (our fave: Xtend Barre), clear some space and use the back of a chair to practice seat and thigh positions. Add a Resistance band to the mix - a great workout hack for versatile workouts and easy to store and travel with.

Step, Plank, Crunch, Repeat

Simple crunches, squats, and planks are good, but at PANATEA we strive to be great. Instead of squats, grab two weights and perform lunges with weights in-hand. For planks, add a twist on each side to further sculpt your oblique muscles. Ab wheels are another great hack, literally reinventing the wheel to allow you to reverse and ramp up your crunches.

Be Your Own Yogi

Yoga is easy to practice outside of a studio. In the comfort of your own home or wherever your travels take you, create a space to practice your favorite poses in the morning. Sun salutation feels extra potent before sunrise!

Exercise Your Mind

Did you know Buddhist monks traditionally drink matcha before meditation! Matcha contains the amino acid, L-Theanine, that stimulates alpha wave activity in the brain, creating a sense of calm alertness.  Sometimes practicing mindfulness is the most energizing and emotionally rewarding exercise.

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