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Traditional afternoon tea time sounds as equally fabulous and antiquated to us as kindergarten nap time. Even if we settle to give up the Plaza and Petit Fours, finding a blissful moment to sit down and enjoy a fine cup of tea during our jam-packed (and unfortunately not the strawberry kind) days appears to be almost impossible. PANATEA isn’t promising to reinstate nap time…yet. But we work hard to ensure there is always plenty of time to take a moment and enjoy our matcha. With an insulated, reusable, and might we mention, stylish S’well bottle, enjoying matcha on the go is easy.  Here are some of our favorite times to drink matcha:

1) Gym Sessions – Adding matcha to your workout routine is the equivalent of finding a cute, fit and almost complementary trainer at Equinox – forcing you to stay on top of your game and keeping you hydrated, ensuring you get the best out of your workout.  While matcha might not have the six-pack of a trainer, the catechins and caffeine properties of matcha will do more to boost your metabolism than crunches ever could.

2) At the Movies - We’re not kidding. When catching the latest flick, think twice about ordering that sugary soft drink – matcha improves concentration, guaranteeing you won’t miss the most talked about parts of this summer’s hit films (i.e. The Barden Bella’s finale in Pitch Perfect 2).

3) On the Move – By air, land or sea, matcha makes for an awesome travel buddy. Our matcha travels all the way from Japan, and expects no smaller sense of adventure in return.  Matcha provides both sustainable energy and a calm alertness, keeping you relaxed but focused when conquering a crowded subway commute or exploring a foreign country.

4) Afternoon Slump – Come 4pm and that burst of mid-morning energy is shot. Instead of reaching for that shot of espresso furthering an inevitable end of the day crash, now is the perfect time to replenish with matcha . 100% nutrition + 100% natural energy = an afternoon flying by (crash-free).

5) Dessert Time – As if it fell from the sky, but even better, grew straight from the ground – Matcha is the dessert god’s answer to our prayers. With zero added sugar and virtually no calories, matcha’s deliciously sweet taste is no short of a miracle. Matcha recipes for ice pops, muffins, and cakes will satisfy even the sweetest tooth.


Great blog post! And love the bottle idea. Thank you for providing extra inspiration on how to match matcha to my daily routine and travels.

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