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A great testimonial was just submitted our way. It resonated with us on so many levels! Well said and well informed! Figured we’d share it with you to start off the week...

“My PANATEA Piece: Monday morning and the struggle is real. The struggle to get out of bed on time, the struggle to face a daunting five whole days until the weekend, and the struggle to find the perfect breakfast beverage. Coffee stains your teeth and doesn’t taste good unless you add an insane amount of milk and sugar, to the point of which you might as well be having ice cream for breakfast. Smoothies and Juices are cool and refreshing, but let’s face it no matter how much kale and quinoa are packed in, they lack that necessary burst of energy and caffeine-kick to get you through the day. As if it fell from the sky, but even better, grew straight from the ground, Matcha tea seems to be the answer to this existential beverage crisis I face every morning. In addition to containing antioxidants, amino acids, chlorophyll, and other vitamins and nutrients, Matcha is naturally delicious and needs no added sugar (only a little bit of almond milk) to taste great. It’s my new morning routine essential, with natural energy and sustained focus, allowing my inner “I’m a morning person” to shine through :)”
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