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On your matcha, get set, GO!

New York City has a host of nicknames - think “The Big Apple”, “The City that Never Sleeps”, and every New Yorker’s favorite, “The Center of the Universe”. With virtually everywhere in New York accessible by foot, we’ll throw a “Walker’s City” into the mix. Life in New York moves quickly and as New Yorker’s build up momentum, fed of course by the stamina and endurance of the matcha movement, walking has sped up into running, with an occasional sprint. To accommodate the influx of runners, which may be linked to increased matcha intake (research pending), New York has redefined the meaning of the scenic route with beautiful, designated jogging paths.  PANATEA has the five paths to feed the hungry runner’s heart...and the matcha to quench their thirst ;) Here’s to lush green scenery, epic views, and endless stretch of roads...

1. The Reservoir

The reservoir run in Central Park is as classic as your favorite pair of Nike black and white running sneakers. The upper and lower soft-surface running paths circling over 100 acres of water span 1.58 and 1.66 miles and are designated for runners only - no qualms with babies, bicycles or dogs, but no desire to crash into them while finding our inner Zen on a run.

2. The East River Promenade

With over 6 miles of uninterrupted pathway along the water, running on the East River Promenade from 60th Street to the Triborough Bridge reminds you that Manhattan is actually an island – no need for a weekend getaway when these stunning views are steps away.

3. The Little Red Lighthouse Run

All runners set out with goals. These goals are both physical and deeply personal, but none more fun than reaching a little red lighthouse hidden in our giant metropolis. As with many of our goals, enjoying the journey is just as important and made easy on this run with gorgeous views of the Hudson River along the upper portion of the West Side Highway and up to the George Washington Bridge.

4. The Five Bridges Run

For the more adventurous and advanced runners – the Five Bridges Run takes you island hopping on a zig-zag tour of three New York boroughs. The route, rivaled in difficulty only by its beauty, passes over five of New York’s most impressive bridges. We suggest cutting the run into different parts, starting with the route across the Brooklyn Bridge then back over on the Manhattan Bridge.

5. The Battery Park City Esplanade

If you haven’t yet noticed a theme here, let’s state the obvious, running along the water beats dodging pedestrians and traffic on crowded busy streets, right? The Battery Park City Esplanade spans 1.9 miles along Lower Manhattan on the Hudson River with views of the glistening Freedom Tower. To step up your game, make the run a round-trip or continue up the West Side Highway making sure to round about all the piers for extra distance.


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