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Sometimes you just need to hit the snooze button and sleep those extra precious minutes in the a.m. And by hit the snooze button, we generally mean initiate a game of Marco Polo with your iPhone. You’ll finally find the snoozer, then doze off for what seems to be 2 minutes (but in reality is 30). Realizing you overslept, you’ll pop out of bed in a tare, throw on some clothes and run out the door. No time this morning for your beloved morning matcha ritual or the avo toast you’ve been perfecting. Fear not, below are some of the best matcha options to be had in NYC.

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Fika - 15 Locations in NYC!

The word FIKA [fee:kah] literally translates into taking a coffee break to indulge in the ritual of conversation…and you wonder why they are top on our list (albeit replacing coffee for matcha of course).

They have about 15 locations around NYC; so there is a good chance you live, work or cycle in their vicinity. AND they have the most amazing chocolate.

Editor’s Pick: Iced PANATEA Almond Milk Matcha Latte

Egg Shop – Nolita

So you have a little more time on your hands, when you realize it’s a weekend and you mistakenly set your weekday alarm. Lucky for you, Egg Shop’s popular line is short since you’re on the early side.

With the most inventive egg dishes we’ve seen anywhere (including the super-healthy “Spandex” bowl), there’s no better breakfast…unless it’s of course accompanied by a matcha latte!

Editor’s Pick: Hot PANATEA Almond Milk Matcha Latte

P.S. – We hear they have a PANATEA matcha cocktail in the works. Top Secret. Don’t tell ANYONE.

Hu Kitchen – Union Square

PANATEA Matcha. Chia. Seed. Parfait.

Breakfast, snack, dessert….you name it.

Don’t think we need to say any more, or question what our Editor’s Pick is at Hu.

Maman - Soho

Did you know the highest-grade matcha comes from France? Neither did we, because it’s not true. HOWEVER, the little French café serves a killer matcha latte and they bake with our matcha too…matcha financiers, matcha tarts, mmm and mmm!

Editor’s Pick: PANATEA Matcha Strawberry Tart + Hot or Iced PANATEA Matcha Latte.


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