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We sat down with our favorite footwear designer, Salehe Bembury (+ his dog Oakley), to discuss fashion, healthy living, favorite Instagram accounts and matcha.

Salehe is currently the Footwear Design Director at GREATS Brand in BK. Oh yeah, he was also the man behind the groundbreaking Cole Haan LunarGrand project. Prior to joining GREATS, Salehe held roles at United Nude, Damon Dash, ONLY NY, and Birkenstock. Not a bad pedigree; wouldn't ya say?!? Check out what we learned...

1. What’s your daily, weekly or monthly ritual for maintaining a healthy lifestyle?

I was raised a pescaterian by an extremely health conscious mother. Junk food was a rarity in my home. Growing up, if a friend had soda at their house, I would close the door and lower the blinds in a crackhead-esque manner. I try to maintain this healthy lifestyle by working out 3 days a week. And eating well…during the week.

2.  We’ve all had some pretty significant moments in life. The memorable everyday ones and the epic once in a lifetime ones. We like to call each of these a #matchamoment. Can you share with us one of your matcha moments?

My matcha moment was becoming a footwear designer. I have been a footwear enthusiast my entire life and getting to do what I am passionate about is a blessing. The fact that I get a pay check to do what I used to do as a kid for free is surreal.

3.  What moves you in life? What makes you get out of bed every morning and inspires you to keep at it?

We are all on a journey. The uncertainty of that journey is what keeps me going. Every day I wake up excited to experience what is going to happen next. Creating, learning, traveling, and most importantly evolving.

4.  What new projects (personal or professional) do you have on the horizon?

My newest full-time occupation is footwear design director at Greats. We are a footwear brand based out of Brooklyn. Our disruptive direct to consumer business model has proven very successful. Great things to come, no pun intended.

5.  Pretend we are playing Cards Against Humanity and we held up the following card. How would you complete this sentence?  Matcha is great when you whisk it with __________.
  • A) Elf Tears
  • B) Colorado’s funny oil
  • C) Mr. Miyagi
  • D) Blue Agave
  • E) [OR enter your own word]

Blue Agave


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Follow GREATS: @greatsbrand

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