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Sometimes getting a haircut is not simply snipping a couple locks ... and sometimes a barber is not just a barber.

A haircut can be a time to pause, refocus and recharge. A moment of self reflection within a modern world of distraction, if you will. Sound familiar? ;)  Well, this is all good and dandy, but impossible without the right man (or woman) behind the scissors. Meet Mark Daniel.

Mark left the UK for Brooklyn about a year back, and has been sharing his gift with some lucky New Yorkers ever since. He is a wizard with the scissors, an arbiter of style, a quasi-shrink and donor of good vibes.

This dude will not only shape up your head, but also reshape your mind and outlook on life. We sat down with Mark to enjoy some PANATEA and learned ...

1. What’s your daily, weekly or monthly ritual for maintaining a healthy lifestyle?

Pray, exercise, and clean food.  Embracing myself in positive energy and positive thoughts.  Lots of love and forgiveness.

2.  We’ve all had some pretty significant moments in life. The memorable everyday ones and the epic once in a lifetime ones. We like to call each of these a #matchamoment. Can you share with us one of your matcha moments?

When my son Lino was born.  We had a deep connection from the first moment I saw him.  

3.  What moves you in life? What makes you get out of bed every morning and inspires you to keep at it?

The desire to achieve financial freedom so I can have more time to live life.

4.  What new projects (personal or professional) do you have on the horizon?

To open a NYC barber shop.  Already conquered London.

5.  Pretend we are playing Cards Against Humanity and we held up the following card. How would you complete this sentence?  Matcha is great when you whisk it with __________.
  • A) Elf Tears
  • B) Colorado’s funny oil
  • C) Mr. Miyagi
  • D) Blue Agave
  • E) [OR enter your own word]



Feel free to reach out to Mark directly (markdanielcreative@gmail.com) and schedule a cut!

And a BIG THANKS to the super-talented Keith Selby, who fortuitously joined us for tea and ended up shooting these great photos of Mark + Matcha.  Check out more on Keith here.


I had my hair cut here when on honeymoon last year. The babrer dosen’t speak much english.He showed me a clipping from a newpaper, the chairs have been there for many decades, he is a bit of a local legend.

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