NYFW Is Here - September 2014 | PANATEA Blog

It’s that time of year again; New York Fashion Week is HERE. From shows, to parties, to events, it’s non-stop go-go-go all day long.

So for the exhausted among us, remember to sip up. Take it from one of today's fashion icons, Leandra Medine of Man Repeller, who starts her NYFW mornings with a PANATEA almond milk matcha latte!

Unlike energy drinks and coffee, matcha provides a more focussed and sustained energy, without the jitter or the crash. Plus it detoxifies and boosts metabolism all the while.

That's why PANATEA has officially been called in to hydrate and energize models, designers, editors and everyone in between! Stay tuned for our whereabouts (both backstage and front of house) throughout the week. We'll even be inviting you to join us ;)

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