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While Jessica Silverman may be based in San Francisco, she has made a name for her gallery and for her artists across the international art scene.

Jessica has gained a reputation in the art world for discovering emergent artists, both local and foreign, and bringing them to global audiences. She founded the Jessica Silverman Gallery in 2008. Since then, works from the gallery's artists have been acquired by noteworthy collections, such as the MOMA NY, LACMA, Whitney Museum of American Art and SFMOMA. Here's what we learned over tea from this passionate, driven and talented gallerist...

1. What’s your daily, weekly or monthly ritual for maintaining a healthy lifestyle?

Because I travel so often, routine is very important. I always start my day with tea (and my new favorite is PANATEA). Exercise also plays a role in my weekly ritual, which is anything from a long walk, to the gym, yoga or spinning. 

2.  We’ve all had some pretty significant moments in life. The memorable everyday ones and the epic once in a lifetime ones. We like to call each of these a #matchamoment. Can you share with us one of your matcha moments?

Luckily, I have had a lot of great moments, from the everyday, to the epic. I suppose the most epic moment in the last year would be in November when I opened my new gallery. I went from 800 to 3,000 square feet and my girlfriend, family and friends were all there to celebrate the hard work and passion that was put into making it happen. 

3.  What moves you in life? What makes you get out of bed every morning and inspires you to keep at it?

So many things. My job, my girlfriend, my family, the artists I represent, my dog. I love waking up, drinking tea and taking Bear (my dog) for a walk before heading to the gym or into the office. Our new gallery space makes me so happy that I hate leaving it when I travel!

4.  What new projects (personal or professional) do you have on the horizon?

Life is changing in great ways. I am moving into a new house with my girlfriend and planning some exciting exhibitions, including the Hugh Scott-Douglas solo show in San Francisco, September 2015, programmed for my off-site curatorial project Fused Space, as well as great curated booths at art fairs. The next few months hold a lot of newness, all of which I am waiting to embrace. 

5.  Pretend we are playing Cards Against Humanity and we held up the following card. How would you complete this sentence?  Matcha is great when you whisk it with __________.
  • A) Elf Tears
  • B) Colorado’s funny oil
  • C) Mr. Miyagi
  • D) Blue Agave
  • E) [OR enter your own word]

My fingers!

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