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Meet David Bouhadana, or as we like to call him, "Sushi Dave". While he is of French-Moroccan descent, Dave is Florida-raised and Japan-trained.

This extraordinarily talented chef is passionate about preparing the best sushi in New York City. As Head Chef at one of our favorite new spots, Sushi Dojo, he is transforming the way we (Americans) experience and enjoy sushi.

We recently had the pleasure of sitting down with Sushi Dave as part of our Tea Time Series, and here are a few things we learned...

1. What’s your daily, weekly or monthly ritual for maintaining a healthy lifestyle?

I eat a lot of fish, ride a bike every day, and work 6 days a week. Work keeps skills sharp and body young!

2.  We’ve all had some pretty significant moments in life. The memorable everyday ones and the epic once in a lifetime ones. We like to call each of these a #matchamoment. Can you share with us one of your matcha moments?

My matcha moment is when I get to roll the gate up every day for Dojo and start fresh.

3.  What moves you in life? What makes you get out of bed every morning and inspires you to keep at it?

It’s about always doing better than yesterday, never going backwards, challenging yourself to become perfect…since it’s impossible to become perfect, trying every day is its own paradox. I’m inspired by all the brilliant and eager minds in NYC.

4.  What new projects (personal or professional) do you have on the horizon?

The horizon looks amazing, I want to show the world sushi is more than a food. Through my eyes it’s crafting, through your eyes it's dinner. One by one, I get to teach and share what has been passed on to me.

5.  Pretend we are playing Cards Against Humanity and we held up the following card. How would you complete this sentence?  Matcha is great when you whisk it with __________.
  • A) Elf Tears
  • B) Colorado’s funny oil
  • C) Mr. Miyagi
  • D) Blue Agave
  • E) [OR enter your own word]

Mr. Miyagi of course!! Or at least it feels that way when you drink it!

Learn more about Sushi Dojo on their website or Facebook page.

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