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It's time for a little sweet talking. Our taste buds have grown accustomed (probably a bit too accustomed) to sweet teas.

Most of us grew up on Snapple, Arizona, Lipton and the like, which unfortunately morphed our palates into expecting those same artificial sweeteners when tasting natural brews from the beautiful camellia sinensis plant.

It's the same reason we all love Starbucks Matcha Lattes, right?! Meanwhile, we convince ourselves that we're being healthy by drinking "matcha". Until our conscious sets in and/or we read this post and realize that the typical matcha latte is packed with sugar (and more sugar).

We digress ... With PANATEA's ceremonial grade matcha, the full tea leaf is consumed. 100% leaf. No additives. While we are purists at heart, we realize that a dab of something sweet might enhance the matcha experience for many of you. After all, matcha is traditionally paired with a delectable sweet (Wagashi) in Japanese tea ceremonies.

Since we're willing to bet you don't have Wagashi in your pantry, we suggest the following healthy alternatives when prepping your traditional bowl of matcha:

Organic Light Agave Nectar or Organic Liquid Stevia

Whisk your matcha as usual, then add a drop of one of these before finishing the whisking process. Give one final whisk and you're good to go!

Organic Stevia Powder

Add it to your bowl after scooping in your matcha. Use your whisk to help mix both powders together. Then add water and get whisking as usual. This method works well with most powdered sweeteners, so feel free to use whichever one you most prefer.

Fresh Mint Leaf

When finished whisking, drop one or two leaves on top of your frothy matcha.

Macarons or Mochi

If you're hosting or simply looking for an excuse to splurge a bit, try accompanying your matcha with one of these small desserts.

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