1 Week No Coffee Challenge | PANATEA Blog

We need our morning dose of caffeine as much as the next person, but coffee can leave us feeling worse later in the day. Starting June 1, for one week we’re making a smart little swap: a morning matcha instead of a cup of joe.

Want in? Here are the deets. Join us in ditching coffee for one week—and make sure to tag @panateamatcha and use #nocoffeeyesmatcha on Instagram for a chance to win our Instant Matcha and a Matcha Tee-Shirt!


So why should you join us?

There are plenty of reasons to make the swap, but these are the ones that motivated us to switch to matcha:

  1. The caffeine in coffee increases your stress hormones and spikes your cortisol and insulin levels—this is what gives you that jittery, anxious feeling.
  2. The caffeine in matcha, binds to more stable and larger molecules in the body, which slows the breakdown in the bloodstream. None of the jitters, crash, or cortisol production that come with coffee!
  3. Compounds in coffee can interfere with the normal detoxification process that happens in your liver.
  4. Matcha contains quite a bit of chlorophyll (the stuff that gives matcha its lush green color), which happens to be a natural detoxifier!


All the health benefits of matcha, none of the coffee-induced jitters, AND that morning caffeine buzz? Sounds like a win-win to us.


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