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  • Stress-Busting Foods

    June 23, 2017

    When your schedule is packed and your stress-levels high, healthy eating can seem like just another task on a never-ending list. But rather than a source of stress, making an effort to eat good, nutritious foods can actually be a very real part of the solution. In fact, certain...

  • Instagram-Worthy Lattes

    June 16, 2017

    Remember when ordering a latte meant just the brown bean variety?! Now it seems like genius baristas are inventing a new colorful superfood latte every day, and we want to try them all!

  • Matcha vs Kombucha

    June 14, 2017

    They're both teas, but how do matcha and kombucha differ? When should you drink what?

  • PANATEA x Dream Pops

    June 13, 2017

    We are so excited to be partnering up with our friends at DREAM POPS!

  • We need our morning dose of caffeine as much as the next person, but coffee can leave us feeling worse later in the day. Starting June 1, for one week we’re making a smart little swap: a morning matcha instead of a cup of joe.

  • Superfoods Ranked

    May 17, 2017

    Our matcha has more antioxidant activity per gram than ALL of these popular antioxidant-rich superfoods combined.

  • How Is Matcha Made?

    May 13, 2017

    May is harvest-time at the farms in Nishio where PANATEA's matcha is grown in Japan. We filmed the harvest and production process there, and it's a complex one.

  • We decided to check out a few of the most common beliefs about metabolism and discovered six big myths that surprised us.