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  • Given up Coffee

    Thank you for your product. I love it! I have completely given up coffee for Matcha Green Tea.

    Julie M. Verified Buyer
  • Fantastic Product

    I have been hugely impressed by the marketing of your matcha. The product is fantastic; the website is amazing; and you have just proven that your customer service ethos replicates these traits - absolutely world class. Wishing all of you the greatest success moving forward!

    Alex S. Verified Buyer
  • Game Changer

    Can't say enough good things about PANATEA. I've been experimenting with matcha from places like GNC/ Whole Foods for a few years now and they just were not user friendly and also didn't taste great. PANATEA = game changer!! I can't wait to order more as gifts.

    Alexandra K. Verified Buyer
  • Ceremonial Set

    Your tea is delicious, both cold and hot. But, the Ceremonial Tea Set makes it feel like an "event." I feel very decadent when I drink my tea, and it makes me slow down and savor the experience.

    Carolyn S. Verified Buyer
  • Love the Ritual

    I was just released from the hospital and recovering from a rare stomach infection. I was told by my doctors that I was not to consume coffee for the time being. As an avid coffee drinker, I did not know what to do. My daughter-in-law introduced me to PANATEA and I was hooked immediately. I felt noticeably better and loved the ritual of preparing it every morning.

    Joy N. Verified Buyer
  • Love the Mindfulness

    I just wanted to let you know that I had my first cup of panatea (in its pure and original form, in my home) and was fabulous. Thank you so much. Everything from the mindfulness of preparing to consuming it was a pleasure.

    Jacqui L. Verified Buyer
  • I'm Hooked

    As a relatively healthy woman, my hope was to cut down on my coffee consumption. I've tried before but nothing has kept my devotion like my morning coffee! Day one, I had my tea followed by about half of my usual morning coffee. From day two on, I've only had my tea. I feel great without the highs and lows of excessive caffeine consumption. I'm hooked on how I feel so much better...alert and aware. I feel like I'm doing something positive for my continued good health. Also, I appreciate the beauty and simplicity of my set. I love my bowl and my beautiful whisk. I treat my morning tea as if it IS a ceremony! A ceremony of greeting a new day and celebrating my beautiful life.

    Susan R. Verified Buyer
  • Monthly Matcha Plans

    Love your product and love the monthly auto-order option! Makes my life so easy and enjoyable with a delicious bowl of matcha to start my day!

    Noah A. Verified Buyer
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